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Engage with young people through Marketplace

Support provided by Skills Development Scotland

What does this involve?

Marketplace is an online noticeboard where your business can connect with schools and colleges in Scotland - building your profile in the community.

You'll create interest in your industry among the next generation of talent and help young people develop the skills they'll need to work in your sector. Young people benefit from getting an idea of the different kinds of work available to them once they leave education.

To begin, add a listing to Skills Development Scotland's Employer Hub website. It should explain what you'd like to offer local young people. This could be a workshop, talk, workplace visit or placement.

Then the team at Skills Development Scotland will review and approve your listing. Your listing will be shown on a listings page which can be viewed by teachers, pupils and students across Scotland.

Am I eligible?

All businesses in Scotland are eligible.

What does this cost?

It's free to add a Marketplace opportunity to the listings page.

If you like, you can spend some money to prepare for and deliver your opportunity. However, most workshops, talks, workplace visits or placements can be delivered without any cost for you.

Who is this for?

Marketplace is for any business in Scotland that would like to work with young talent and make connections in their local community.

How long does this take?

That's entirely up to you. You can spend as much or as little time as you'd like on Marketplace opportunities.

Next steps

Visit Skills Development Scotland's Employer Hub to learn more about Marketplace.

Support provided by Skills Development Scotland