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How Recognition of Prior Learning - RPL - can be used in the workplace

Support provided by Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework

What does this involve?

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) offers a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Toolkit and other resources to help employers embed these practices in their workplace.

Employers can use the SCQF resources and the RPL Toolkit in recruitment, induction, supervision, performance interviewing and supporting employees to gain qualifications.

  • the RPL Toolkit offers advice and guidance to help you guide your employees through an RPL process
  • the SCQF Employer Guide - Maximise Workforce Potential and Employer Levelling Tool can inform decisions on recruitment and selection activities
  • the SCQF Partnership also runs free workshops on understanding RPL and its processes

How RPL can help your business

Employees do a lot of learning in the workplace. Most of this happens informally as part of the work process and it is not usually assessed or certificated. In most cases, this kind of learning meets the immediate needs of the business by helping the employee perform better in their job. But sometimes, the lack of formal certification or recognition can cause issues for individuals in the workplace. For example, a lack of formal qualifications may lead to slow career progression within the organisation.

You can embed Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) practices in the workplace by supporting and encouraging staff to undertake formal qualifications. This can help increase staff motivation, improve employee retention and create a more highly skilled workforce.

Some organisations may routinely ask staff to undertake training that they have already done in a previous role (such as a first aid or health and safety qualification). By using RPL, employers can save money and time by not repeating an employee’s learning.

The toolkit and resources can help:

• identify employees’ skills effectively
• identify skills gaps in organisations
• identify appropriate training opportunities
• reduce employee training time by minimising duplication of learning
• increase motivation and interest in workplace activities on the part of the employee/learner
• generate new ideas and developments for the organisation by encouraging the employee/learner to reflect on work activities

What does this cost?

There is no charge to use the tool or attend the information workshops.

Who is this for?

This advice and guidance is appropriate to any organisation, regardless of size.

How long does this take?

The RPL information workshop sessions run for 2.5 hours. The RPL tool is quick and easy to use.

Next steps

Visit the SCQF website for more information and to access these resources.

Support provided by Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework