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E-commerce and selling online - the fundamentals

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What does this involve?

Embracing ecommerce can help you reach more customers – and provide better after-sales support. With some careful planning, you can develop a low-cost online shop and ecommerce system that could prove profitable to your business. This Business Gateway guide to ecommerce and selling online covers the basics to get you started.

In this free guide, you can read about: 

  • how to get started with ecommerce
  • how to develop ecommerce services
  • the benefits of selling online
  • types of online shops – basic, intermediate and sophisticated
  • IT regulations and policies
  • common ecommerce mistakes
  • making the most of IT and ecommerce

Be aware that building an ecommerce website is just the beginning. For it to be effective, you must update it regularly, deliver goods promptly and provide adequate customer support. It’s also vital to stay at least one step ahead of cybersecurity threats.

Am I eligible?

Yes, if you are thinking about starting, or already run, a business in Scotland.

What does this cost?

This is a free and impartial service.

Who is this for?

Any business based in Scotland, at any stage in its life cycle.

How long does this take?

Set aside 8 minutes to read about the basics of ecommerce and selling online.

Important information

You must comply with various rules when you sell online, including distance selling, consumer protection and ecommerce regulations. Make sure you know what’s required.

Next steps

Visit the Business Gateway website for more advice on ecommerce and selling online.

Support provided by Business Gateway