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Branding guides

Support provided by Business Gateway

What does this involve?

A brand is so much more than a logo or a slogan. Build your brand step by step with the help of Business Gateway’s branding guides:

  • brand position guide
  • brand development guide
  • measuring your campaign

Begin by identifying your brand positioning and creating a statement that sums up your unique offer. As you develop your brand, you must get to know your audience and define the customer journey to see what marketing might work best for you. You should then measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign to ensure that the next one is even better.

Download all of this in-depth guidance for free now.

Am I eligible?

Yes, if you are thinking about starting, or already run, a business in Scotland.

What does this cost?

This is a free and impartial service.

Who is this for?

Any business based in Scotland, at any stage in its life cycle.

How long does this take?

Two of the guides take less than 15 minutes to read each. For the third, set aside about 30 minutes.

Important information

Brand development is an ongoing process of review and refinement.

Next steps

Visit the Business Gateway website to read and download their branding guides.

Support provided by Business Gateway