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Shared Apprenticeship Ltd

Support provided by Invest in Angus Angus Council

What does this involve?

Shared Apprenticeship Ltd gives construction businesses in Angus the chance to take on apprentices without having to commit to the whole 4 years of an apprenticeship.

Shared Apprenticeship Ltd will coordinate the apprentices with the host companies. The apprentices are required to attend college to complete their qualification while gaining on-the-job experience.

As Shared Apprentice Ltd is the main employer, construction companies can work with apprentices and benefit from:

  • no National Insurance costs
  • no holiday pay
  • no pay while apprentices are at college
  • no pension contributions costs
  • no PPE costs

Other benefits include:

  • short term commitment
  • a flexible workforce
  • basic toolkits for each MA

All paperwork, behaviour issues, wages and holidays are handled by the Shared Apprentice Ltd team.

The host company is asked to support apprentices for a minimum of 3 months at any time, although placements can last longer.

Am I eligible?

The programme is aimed at small and medium-sized construction companies that offer the following trades:

  • joinery
  • brickwork
  • painting/decorating 
  • roofing/slating
  • electrical

What does this cost?

Host employers are invoiced for the time an apprentice works with them, plus 20%. Apprentices’ wages align with the Scottish Building Apprenticeship and Training Council (SBATC) and Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB) wage rates.

Shared Apprentice Ltd is the main employer, so they will cover all wages while the apprentices are in college, plus their annual leave, sickness and maternity/paternity pay.

Who is this for?

Construction businesses in Angus which cannot commit to taking on an apprentice for all 4 years of their apprenticeship, but can still contribute to their training without long term commitment.

How long does this take?

A member of the Shared Apprenticeship Ltd team will respond to your enquiry within 3 working days.

Next steps

Visit the Invest in Angus website for more information and to make an enquiry.

Support provided by Invest in Angus Angus Council