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AMBITION programme for job creation in South Ayrshire

Support provided by South Ayrshire Council

What does this involve?

The AMBITION programme supports job creation in South Ayrshire. It’s for anyone with the ambition to employ, be employed or become self-employed, and is for every type of business.

AMBITION can help you whatever stage you’re at on your business journey, whether you’ve got an idea to start something new, are in the early stages of setting up or are already well established.

AMBITION features a series of different initiatives – including grants and funding advice – led by experienced business advisers, to help you at every stage of the way in setting up or growing your business.

Am I eligible?

If you are starting or growing a business in South Ayrshire, you are eligible for support. However, you will need to meet further criteria to be eligible for grant funding.

What does this cost?

This is a free service provided by South Ayrshire Council.

Who is this for?

AMBITION is for any individual in South Ayrshire looking to start a business, or any business currently based in South Ayrshire that is looking to grow.

How long does this take?

There is no set timescale or deadline for this service.

Next steps

Visit the AMBITION programme website for more information and to register for this service.


Support provided by South Ayrshire Council