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Support provided by Scottish Enterprise

What does this involve?

SMART:SCOTLAND is a research and development (R&D) grant for small and medium-sized businesses that aims to support high risk, highly ambitious projects. It covers conducting feasibility studies to show how ideas could work in the real world and supports activities that have a commercial endpoint.

Any foreground intellectual property (IP) developed from the project must be owned by the applicant business.

The grant is only available to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) based in Scotland and supports the activities of commercially focused R&D projects.

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible if:

  • you’re a small or medium-sized business, university spin-out or an individual
  • you’re based, or planning to set up, in Scotland
  • your project represents an advance in technological innovation for the UK industry or sector concerned
  • there are technical risks and challenges associated with defining and developing the technology
  • you own, or have rights to use, the intellectual property required to undertake the project
  • you’ll own all intellectual property developed throughout the project
  • you have the necessary management and technical expertise and resources (either in-house or brought-in) to make the project a success
  • both the project and the business are financially viable
  • financial assistance from SMART:SCOTLAND is essential for the project to go ahead
  • you comply with Scottish Enterprise's sanctions and Fair Work First policies

What does this cost?

There is no cost to apply.

Grants can support up to 70% of the eligible costs for a small enterprise and up to 60% of the eligible costs for a medium enterprise.

Who is this for?

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) based in Scotland undertaking research and development projects with a commercial endpoint.

How long does this take?

Subject to the quality of the application and complexity of the project, Scottish Enterprise aim to reach a decision on any SMART: SCOTLAND application within 8 to 10 weeks from submission.

Important information

SMART: SCOTLAND grants are discretionary and match funding must come from private sources.

Next steps

Visit the Scottish Enterprise website for more information.

Support provided by Scottish Enterprise