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Facilities Access Fund

Support provided by IBioIC

What does this involve?

This fund is currently closed to new applications. However, you can submit an enquiry to register your interest in future funding.

The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) offers funding for collaborative biotechnology projects that link Scottish academics and industry. The funding covers access to university facilities on a fee-for-service basis at an academic rate.

This Facilities Access Funding (FAF) should form part of a larger project in any area of industrial biotechnology including, but not limited to:

  • biorefining
  • food and drink
  • biotech in textiles and materials
  • biomanufacturing
  • waste management
  • enzymes and catalysts
  • downstream processing
  • agritech

Projects should be aligned with Scotland’s National Plan for Industrial Biotechnology and provide innovative solutions for an industrial issue.

Am I eligible?

Applications must:

  • request funding for use of a facility at a Scottish higher education institution (HEI) that's eligible for Scottish Funding Council funding (this includes IBioIC’s Scale Up facilities)
  • demonstrate opportunities to build ongoing relationships between the industrial partner and the HEI
  • be part of a larger project being undertaken by the industrial partner (FAF funding must not exceed 30% of the total project costs)
  • have the potential to lead to a new product or service
  • be led an industrial partner
  • include provisions for a service agreement between the participants in each facility project - IBioIC do not need to see this service agreement, but applicants must confirm there is an agreement in place
  • apply for up to £5,000 at 100% of full economic costing (fEC) (£10,000 will be considered in exceptional circumstances)
  • prove an expected benefit to Scotland
  • demonstrate that the project has potential to lead to larger scale work, for example through a Scottish Enterprise SMART award, Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) or private investment

The overall project must not include any other IBioIC funding as part of the overall project costs. Facility costings must be at the academic rate but will be covered at 100% of full economic costing (fEC).

All industry partners on the FAF application must be IBioIC members.

What does this cost?

IBioIC will contribute a maximum of £5,000 (or £10,000 in exceptional circumstances) towards HEI facility service fees at 100% full economic costing (fEC). FAF funding must not exceed 30% of the total project costs.

Who is this for?

Industrial partners seeking to use Scottish HEI research facilities for projects in the field of industrial biotechnology that have the potential to lead to larger scale work and can demonstrate an expected benefit to Scotland.

How long does this take?

IBioIC aims to review applications within 3 weeks of submission, with award letters issued shortly afterwards. Work should be invoiced to IBioIC within 3 months of project approval.

Important information

Applications will be scored using defined selection criteria. IBioIC reserves the right to refuse FAF applications if they do not score adequately.

Projects will be selected on their technical and commercial merits, including:

a.     Technical viability - The use of the facility should be appropriate and likely to produce the desired results. The facility should be a key enabler of the project.

b.     Technical ambition and innovation - The facility work should produce an appropriate impact on the larger project and there should be a plan to support the results through further funding or investment.

a.    Project timelines and resources - Resources and timeline should be sufficient for the project to finish on time and on budget.

b.    Economic impact on project partners - The project should lead to benefits such as new markets, a new or improved product, or a new or improved process.

c.    Benefit to Scotland - There should be economic benefits from the project, such as jobs or turnover.

d.    Collaboration - There should be an opportunity for an ongoing relationship between the company and the HEI.

e.    Track record of success - The partners should be deemed likely to deliver the project.

Funding will be allocated on a rolling basis. Applications will remain open until all funding is allocated.

Next steps

Visit the IBioIC website for more information and to apply.

Support provided by IBioIC