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Regulatory support for businesses in Midlothian

Support provided by Midlothian Council

What does this involve?

Midlothian businesses can now access the Business Regulatory Support Service (BRSS) through the Business Gateway Midlothian service. This service provides businesses with a single point of contact for advice on regulations, from food safety and licensing to planning and building standards.

The BRSS includes access to and support from the following council services:

  • Environmental Health
  • Trading Standards
  • Licensing
  • Building Standards
  • Planning
  • Business Gateway/Economic Development

The aim of the service is to:

  • provide reliable, transparent advice to help businesses comply with regulations
  • provide advice appropriate to each business's circumstances
  • provide clear advice that can be easily understood and implemented
  • distinguish legal requirements from suggested good practice
  • ensure that any verbal advice a business receives is confirmed in writing

Am I eligible?

The service is available to all businesses registered in Midlothian.

What does this cost?

This is a free service.

Who is this for?

Established Midlothian-based businesses, businesses looking to relocate to Midlothian, and those planning to start a business in Midlothian.

How long does this take?

You can expect to get a response within the following times:

  • initial contact with Business Gateway: response within 2 working days
  • report compiled and referral by Business Gateway to relevant services: within 2 working days
  • response and verbal advice provided by relevant services: contact within 2 working days
  • written report by relevant services emailed to business: within 3 working days of contact by service

Next steps

Visit the Locate in Midlothian website for more information and to access the support.

Support provided by Midlothian Council