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Intellectual Property Audit

Support provided by Highlands and Islands Enterprise

What does this involve?

The service has been developed to ensure that SME businesses identified as having potential to grow receive the right guidance and advice through dedicated channels. This includes support in respect of IP management, commercialisation and marketing, to ensure that they can deploy their IP assets into their wider business strategy and maximise their value.

Am I eligible?

To qualify for an IP audit, you have to be working with Highlands and Islands Enterprise on one of their business support schemes. You also have to demonstrate that your business has the capacity to implement potential actions arising from the IP audit.

What does this cost?

It should be noted that the IPO will fund £2,500 (including VAT) of the total cost of £3,000 of the audit; by making an application for an IP audit you are indicating your agreement to fund the remaining £500 (including VAT) of the overall cost (funding is subject to your available De Minimis allowance).

Who is this for?

This service offers access to dedicated IP and commercialisation support and advice. To be considered eligible for this support you must be an SME.

How long does this take?

When the IPO approves an application for an IP audit, the IPO will confirm the date by which the IP audit report should be submitted. This is normally two months from the date of approval of the application.

Important information

The aim of the service is to connect businesses with good quality guidance and advice to make their IP work for them as they work to grow their business. This is about making sure that businesses can identify opportunities to use their IP to generate income/value.

It is also about making sure that businesses are aware of the risks/limitations and understand how to manage them.

The long term goal is to ensure that businesses are able to integrate IP into their wider business strategy.

Please note that there are a limited number of audits available; applications that do not meet the criteria will not be accepted.

The qualified IP Professional will provide recommendations to the business on the cost and way forward to manage the development and protection of their IP.

Next steps

Submit an enquiry and an advisor will be in touch to discuss your needs.

Support provided by Highlands and Islands Enterprise