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Innovation support around sensing imaging and Internet of Things technologies

Support provided by CENSIS

What does this involve?

CENSIS, external link which will open in a new windowopens in a new window is a not-for-profit Innovation Centre established to help businesses accelerate the pace of innovation by exploiting sensing, imaging and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

The Internet of Things combines the power of the internet, data processing, communications networks, data analysis, and data visualisation with the real world of physical objects. It is created by lots of small sensing devices that, when connected together, can "talk" to one another.

Businesses of all types can use sensing, imaging and IoT to gather real-time information to help them make decisions, support tasks, or learn from processes. Benefits can include optimising resources, improving safety and compliance, generating operational efficiencies, or even identifying new markets, products or business opportunities.

CENSIS can help businesses address technology challenges with confidence, offering clear and unbiased advice that is applicable to a wide range of market sectors. Services offered by CENSIS include:

  • Consultation (and signposting): business and engineering guidance on best practice, legislation, manufacturing and design, including cyber security matters as they relate to sensing and IoT
  • Landscape reviews: mapping out a research or technical landscape for ideas that are at an early stage
  • Prototyping and proof of concept designs: de-risking ideas, or demonstrating that an idea is technically feasible
  • Research and development: longer-term projects that may engage experts from CENSIS and/or Scotland’s universities
  • Project collaboration: CENSIS can act as a technology partner as part of a larger project

Am I eligible?

CENSIS works with all types of organisations, from large multinationals and public sector bodies, to small and medium-sized companies, including high tech, pre-revenue start-ups.

CENSIS can work with business and organisations of all types and in any geographic location.

Due the way CENSIS is funded, some support opportunities may only be available to businesses/organisations that are based in Scotland, or where it can be demonstrated that project outcomes will directly benefit the Scottish economy.

What does this cost?

Some services and advice may be available at no cost, but others may incur a fee depending, for example, on the type of activity and length of engagement. Please contact CENSIS for an initial discussion.  

Who is this for?

Businesses which are interested in using or developing sensing, imaging and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

How long does this take?

It varies between programmes and projects and can range from a few days or weeks, to a year or more for longer research projects.  

Next steps

Please submit an enquiry and an adviser will be in touch to discuss your needs.

Support provided by CENSIS