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Develop your workforce with Skills for Growth

Support provided by Skills Development Scotland

What does this involve?

Skills for Growth is a diagnostic service that helps you identify skills gaps in your business and find ways to fill them.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) will work with you to understand the skills your business needs. Then, they'll help you create a detailed people skills action plan and direct you to the right support.

Your employees' skills and knowledge are key to your growth strategy. The bespoke Skills for Growth service is designed to help businesses get the best out of their workforce.

SDS's knowledgeable executives have supported more than 1,000 employers. The team will help you assess your staff's skills and work with you to fill the gaps. They'll guide you through the process and help you make the best use of your management abilities.

Am I eligible?

Skills for Growth is open to Scotland-based, small to medium-sized businesses with between 5 and 250 employees.

What does this cost?

Access to the Skills for Growth service is free.

Your action plan may recommend training programmes or other services that cost money - but you can choose whether or not to follow these recommendations.

Who is this for?

Any business in Scotland looking to grow their business, develop staff skills or deal with business changes.

How long does this take?

After you meet with an employer engagement executive to discuss your business goals, SDS will arrange dates for the Skills for Growth review. This'll be arranged for a time that's suitable for your business.

Then, your employer engagement executive will set you a series of small business tasks. These can be done at your own pace, at a time that suits you.

Next steps

Visit the Skills Development Scotland website for more information and to submit an enquiry.

Support provided by Skills Development Scotland