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Business to Healthcare

Support provided by Highlands and Islands Enterprise

What does this involve?

Many companies would like to speak to healthcare professionals when they're developing a new product or service for the healthcare sector, or are testing existing ones, with the aim of eventually selling it to the NHS or other healthcare organisations. Business to Healthcare can help you find the right person, department or organisation to speak to.

The programme will help you showcase your company and products to the right people in the health and care sector. You can get initial ‘customer feedback’ from healthcare networks and find out about potential funding streams and opportunities to accelerate growth.

The health and care sector can be a challenging, complex and time-consuming market, with many barriers to innovation and commercialisation. Business to Healthcare helps small to medium-sized enterprises commercialise their products by facilitating a smoother and more efficient journey and saving them time and money.

The programme provides one-to-one support to businesses, largely through signposting and introductions. In some cases, this may even turn out to be a ‘fail fast’ approach, where the company uses the information gathered to decide that the health and care market (or a segment of it) is not the right channel for them, which allows them to adapt their plans quickly.

Am I eligible?

This programme supports small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Highland Council region that are developing or have developed products or services for use in the health and care sector. These can include products or services targeted at the NHS (Scotland and England), private healthcare or corporates, or direct-to-consumer.

Both new and established companies are eligible.

What does this cost?

This is a free service.

Who is this for?

Small and medium-sized enterprises looking to promote or trial their healthcare product or service in the Highland Council region.

How long does this take?

An individual action plan is developed for each business and support is provided on a tailored basis, so the exact time commitment will vary depending on your needs.

Next steps

Visit the innovation section of the Highlands and Islands Enterprise website for more information and to submit an enquiry.

Support provided by Highlands and Islands Enterprise